Kind words from our clients.

“Best Dog Trainer In The World”

We rescued a Bulldog named Bo (see his picture – he is very cute). He was living in the woods for 2 months and the rescue out of North Carolina did not train him or candidly really know his issues. He was out of control, was biting significantly and was incapable of being walked. I called Joey and told him how out of control the dog was and was upset as I have never returned a dog. Joey after one visit was able to explain why Bo you as behaving and how he could help us. Within a few sessions, Bo was not biting and was listening to me and my husband. Joey saved Bo’s life as he was a dog some people may have written off. The skills we learned and the time investment in this guy worked so well. Bo is now an amazing addition to our family. He is loving, super affectionate and just an overall great dog. We love him and I thank Joey for helping us understand the why and provide us skills to address the why! Best dog trainer in the world !


Sharon Byers


“They are freaking awesome”

5 / 5

Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without Joe & Paige. They are freaking awesome. They have taken so much time to sit with us. Listen to us, talk with us, plan with us, and work with us to make our puppy dog the best puppy dog ever.

As they say – you get what you pay for. Could we have gone a cheaper route? Sure, but I KNOW we wouldn’t have gotten and continue to get the service, the expertise and the professionalism that we continue to get from them.

I recommend them highly.

Michelle Crist

“Paige is awesome”

5 / 5

Paige is awesome! Cash has been back from his board & train for almost 2 weeks now and he’s doing awesome. His leash-pulling, excessive barking, and over excitement around guests have improved greatly. Paige was so helpful and informative throughout the whole process and kept me updated with youtube videos. When he came home Paige showed me everything in detail that he learned and how to continue implementing his training. Cash has become a much better listener and overall is more attentive and calm, but still has his silly personality!

Maggie Weaver


“She has helped us become better dog parents”

5 / 5

Paige is awesome. She has helped our dog immensely. He was reactive on a leash towards other dogs and would bark at any anything that moved while looking out the window. We are now able to walk past so many dogs in peace in all types of environments (park, trail, neighborhood, etc.). Paige doesn’t just show you the corrections and rewards, but explains why she uses each technique and how to read our dog’s mood based off his body posture. On top of helping our dog, she has helped us become better dog parents. She makes every session fun too. We will miss seeing her on a weekly basis!

Geoff Gross


5 / 5

Amazing!!!! Best training company a dog lover could ask for. Shocking how they related to our little Dexter in such a small period of time. Can’t wait to see what’s to come as our little boy grows up! True dog whispers, professionalism on every level & such knowledge all while providing a loving touch to our four legged buddy! AWESOME

Kurena Hill


5 / 5

OverWatch K9 Academy is a business with INTEGRITY. Yes, they are busy and most of the time with the dogs in the field so expect delay in communication but if you can get pass that they’re truly phenomenal dog trainers and people. I still can’t get over how accommodating they were to us with our constantly changing schedule (please be better to them than we were!) and that they offered to keep Lucy extra days (almost a week) for no charge to perfect her heal. They have high standards and I appreciate that. Lucy is now a perfectly trained dog (what a difference!!) and that makes our life so much easier. It was clear that Lucy loved being with Paige & Joey and we loved the video and text updates. We’re recommending them to all our friends with new dogs/ puppies

Rena Ta


“Amazing job”

5 / 5

These guys are simply amazing!! They have done an amazing job with our pup as well as kept us up to date with her progress. I would definitely recommend them! THANK YALL SO MUCH!

Joseph Tueton

“Words can’t describe the results”

5 / 5

We initially were only looking for info, prior to getting a dog,about training. They gave us all the info and then even offered to help us find a dog that might work for us. We are looking for a GSD of which they know a lot about!! They have gone so far as to look at info on dogs we found ourselves and make sure they would be great pets with good heads on their shoulders and maybe even some good lineage before we spent money on one. They have answered my millions of questions over almost a month’s time period and not once seemed annoyed!! My family and I are so excited to be on this journey with Paige and Joey and can’t wait to have a new fur buddy that they will guide into an amazing pet and friend. Cannot wait to work with them in person and not just in text

Emily McLemore Lara

“The results we saw were unbelievable”

5 / 5

Joey and his team are amazing. We have two challenging bulldogs. Our newest rescue attacked us and wasn’t able to enjoy living in a home. Joey worked with our dog and helped it understand what needed to change, while also working with us to help us create processes that resolved the problems we were having.  Bo is now a lap dog that sleeps on his back on the couch! Joey saved his life as he was not able to live a normal and healthy dog life. The results we saw were simply unbelievable, and we highly recommend Overwatch.

Sharon B.

“Simply the best”

5 / 5

Paige is absolutely the best trainer. I am so impressed with how Coco responds to my commands and obeys. Worth every bit of the time and money.

Maria W.


“I’m super glad I chose Overwatch to train my puppy”

5 / 5

Paige is awesome, she is super passionate about what she does and works well with my deaf Australian Shepherd, Catahoula mix, Sodapop. She is super kind and cares that the animal understand what she is teaching it before handing them back over to the owner.

Jalen Davidson

5 / 5

Puppy Academy

From the moment we became clients Maegan has been nothing but amazing! Even before Novas first official week she reached out to me and began helping me with training. I am clueless on how to train a dog even though I have had them my whole life. Maegan has been a saving grace in guiding me on how to continue the training and structure she has taught Nova. She has put so much time, love and attention into Nova and worked hard to make Nova an even better version of her already awesome self. I am so thankful for Maegan and ALL she has done and continues to! Girl you are amazing Nova and I love ya for it and could not do it without you. Your guidance and reassuring words are just what I needed.

Angie Phillips

5 / 5

Puppy Academy

I can’t say enough about overwatch academy. Making arrangements for my pup was quick and all questions answered. I did the puppy and advanced training and had the pleasure of having the most amazing trainer Veronika. I did not know what to do and she showed us everything. She helped train a very feisty little pup. She was very responsive and when we had a few bumps in the road she quickly came to our aid to assist. I can’t say enough about her she was just awesome.

Tina miller
Mini Bernedoodle

5 / 5

Advanced Obedience

We heard about Overwatchk9 from a friend who had a great experience with them, and, boy, did they live up to the expectation! Josh was friendly and helpful on the phone, giving us plenty of information and getting us all set up for the Advanced Obedience program. Toaster’s trainer, Jessica, really took her time to put us at ease! We spoke on the phone before pickup to set goals and expectations. Jessica did an excellent job on all aspects that mattered to us most and kept us up to date the whole time with cute videos. It’s phenomenal how much Toaster learned in a little over 2 weeks! She went from a puppy who dragged me around the neighborhood to a well behaved dog who can walk neatly beside me and pay attention. Jessica must be a wizard! She taught us so much about our pup, behavior to expect from her breed, and techniques to keep up her training. She was very patient while practicing with us and her love for our dog was clear during every step of the way. We know that Jessica will check in soon and that we can ask questions at any time. Toaster was sad to watch her leave!

Evan & Annelies Pitstick
8 Month Mastiff