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Obedience training methods backed by an Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer with 3 decades of experience. Check out our Board And Train Program below!

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A Board And Train That Lets You Enjoy Your Dog More

We understand that your goal by having your dog attend the board and train is to enjoy your dog more, and we’re excited to make that happen. From manners in the home to pleasant loose leash walks and an off leash recall, these are key focuses throughout the board and train.

While we have our core obedience commands that we teach, our board and train program is tailored to each client. Whether it’s juggling a family household, off leash hiking, or handling the distraction of other dogs, we customize your dog’s training to your lifestyle.

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Our board and train Services Atlanta And Surrounding Metro Cities

OverWatch K9 Academy provides their board and train services to Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, East Cobb, Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta, Smyrna, Douglasville, Kennesaw, Cartersville, Duluth, Lawrenceville, McDonough, and all surrounding cities.


We heard about OverWatch from a friend who had a great experience with them, and, boy, did they live up to the expectation! Toaster’s trainer, Jessica, did an excellent job on all aspects that mattered to us most and kept us up to date the whole time with cute videos. It’s phenomenal how much Toaster learned in 2 weeks! She taught us so much about our pup, behavior to expect from her breed, and techniques to keep up her training. She was very patient while practicing with us and her love for our dog was clear during every step of the way. We know that Jessica will check in soon and that we can ask questions at any time. Toaster was sad to watch her leave!

5 / 5

Evan & Annelies Pitstick,
Toaster the Mastiff

 I could not have asked for a better experience and result!!! Maegan was amazing and it was obvious that she not only had a ton of knowledge and experience, but she truly cared for our puppy and trained her in a loving supportive way. We got Oakley to join my dental practice as a therapy dog for our patients that are anxious. Oakley has a ton of energy and to be honest, I wasn't sure how well she would do with training due to her immaturity and her goofy fun-loving spirit. The progress she made was nothing short of miraculous. She has mastered everything we wanted her to learn and is an All Star at our office. She has retained her training and is also receptive to our ongoing training at home. I cannot recommend OverWatch K9 Academy enough, they have truly exceeded any expectations I had by a mile. Very very happy customer here!!

5 / 5

Brett L., Oakley the Mini Bernedoodle

Amanda with OverWatch K9 Academy is amazing! She has such a gift for training. Her love, ability and patience with our puppy has transformed our mini goldendoodle into the perfect family companion. Our 7 month old responds to off leash commands with ease and it would not have been without Amanda’s hard work and dedication. Don't hesitate and reach out. Total game changer!

5 / 5

Amy S., Maple the Mini Goldendoodle

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Advanced Obedience
Board and Train Program

Obedience Commands Taught During The Board and Train Include:

  • Off Leash Recall  -  Come When Called
  • Heel  -  Loose Leash Walking
  • Sit & Down Stay
  • Place Stay
  • Leave It & Drop It
  • Nay  -  No, Stop
  • Manners  -  Greeting Strangers, Door Manners, Counter Surfing

Some Key Points About The Board and Train:

  • 2 Weeks Boarding with a Pro Dog Trainer in their private home
    • we let Each dog progress at their own speed and may ask for a few extra days at no additional cost
  • Field Trips Throughout the city for real world distractions
    • Parks, Stores, & Atlanta Landmarks
  • Contact with Trainer With Progress Updates
    • Including Videos To Watch Your Dogs Progression
  • Includes e-collar
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • 2+ Hour Lesson At Your Dog's Return To Home
  • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Continued Education via Private Lessons as Needed for Free


Train Now, Pay Later Available Through Affirm


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Labrador loose leashing walking / heeling


A properly trained dog eagerly seeks out their human to perform their obedience behaviors for them. Have you seen a dog hold eye contact with their person and follow them around without being asked? This unrequested attention is called engagement, and it is the building blocks of our dog training methodology.

blue heeler in heel position


Training a dog in drive keeps them eager and excited to be obedient. We take each dog's genetics into account, using their natural drive in their obedience training. Channeling their drive creates behaviors that are reliable and repetitive.

About Our Board and Train

Throughout the board and train your dog will live with one of our professional dog trainers in their private home, and go throughout the city to practice around distractions. There is both targeted training time and free time. Being in a home environment allows the trainer to work with your dog on their obedience commands and overall manners throughout the day, such as grabbing items on the counter and jumping on guests.

What Sets Our Board and Train Apart

  • The dogs that come to our board and train program are trained in drive, making them eager and excited to be obedient. We don't diminish a dog's drive, instead we channel their drive into their obedience. This creates an exciting learning environment and explosive performance of their obedience behaviors, while maintaining their unique personality.
  • The board and train includes continued education via private lessons, at no additional cost. We understand that your dog is an evolving animal. We are here for you whenever it is needed.
  • Video updates throughout your dog's board and train lets you watch their progress, and see how much fun they're having!
labrador downtown atlanta in a sit stay


What good is your dog's obedience if he can only perform in your home? Throughout their board and train your trainer will take your dog on field trips throughout the city for real-world distraction training. Field trips include parks, stores, and Atlanta landmarks such as Braves Stadium.

Dog training backed by science. We utilize balanced training methods rooted in Pavlov. Our dog training methods ensure your dog's tail is always wagging, eager and excited about training! We teach your dog good manners while maintaining their unique and goofy personality.

german shepherd and goldendoodle downtown atlanta in a sit stay
corgi downtown atlanta in a sit stay

Length of the Board and Train

The board and train is 2 weeks long, but each dog progresses at their own pace, and some may benefit from a few extra days to focus on specific behaviors. If your dog needs extra time to master their off leash recall or curb jumping, for example, we’ll let you know. The maximum duration is 3 weeks, and there is no additional charge.

Progress Updates Throughout The Board and Train

Everyone’s favorite part! Your trainer will keep you informed via video, photo, and text updates. You’ll receive highlights throughout the board and train, being able to watch your dogs progression! 

After The Board and Train

We understand that your dog is an evolving animal. After completion of our board and train we never charge you for additional training. We provide refreshers as needed, coming to your home or the environment that you’re needing assistance. Your dog is a testament to our training expertise, and we want to keep him sharp!


To reserve your dog’s starting date of the board and train we require a $400 deposit, with the balance due the day their board and train begins. To make a reservation, give us a call or fill out our form.

What To Pack

We’ll ask you to email your dog's vaccination records and pack plenty of food. Sending food and having a standard collar on your dog are our only requirements, your trainer will have treats, toys, food and water bowls, and a crate for overnight sleeping.

Pick Up and Return

For the board and train we offer a convenient door-to-door service, simplifying the process of arranging pick up and drop off. Having your dog return from his board and train and perform his obedience training in his home environment is invaluable! 

Talk With An OverWatch Dog Trainer

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An OverWatch K9 Dog Trainer will call you within 24 hours

Or call us directly at (404) 267-0631


Will the trainer spend time teaching me when my dog comes home?

Absolutely! Our goal is for you and your dog to be communicating seamlessly. We’ll demonstrate everything your dog learned, dive into our training methods, and guide you through the process.

What if I need help after the board and train, do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Yes, we do! Whether a new behavior pops up or regression occurs just reach out, we’ll provide support wherever needed, even meeting you at specific locations for targeted guidance at no cost. Continued education ensures your dog remains a testament to our obedience training expertise! 

Will my dog listen to me if someone else trains it?

Certainly! Our obedience training easily transfers to the owner. We’ll teach you how to communicate effectively when your dog comes home. 

What makes your board and train different from other training companies?

Utilizing your dog’s genetics, we channel their drive (energy) into the training, creating obedient dogs that are confident and enthusiastic to perform their obedience. Our obedience training methods are backed by our founder’s three decades of experience training and competing with dogs, working with exotic animals, supplying the military, police and FEMA with K9s, and seminars he conducts throughout the country.

A Few More Reviews

I need to give a big shout out to Josh. Tybee my beautiful but hard headed blue heeler would not be here without Josh. Tybee was a dog that didn't like other dogs. Fast forward several months and I was able to take Tybee camping at Disney and she was so well behaved. I never thought this would be possible. Anytime I said a command she listened without fail. More importantly, a few weeks ago I was throwing a tennis ball and the ball went out into the road and Tybee ran after it (this was totally my fault). A car was coming and I was able to say "here" and she came back without hesitation. Without Josh's help Tybee might not be here. Thank you Josh!!!!!!

5 / 5

Deidi Moore, Tybee the Blue Heeler

Our son has an 11 month old Aussie puppy named Asher. He was out of control with energy, herded anyone that wasn't me or my wife, nibbled on hands and thought our sectional was his personal Daytona 500 track. We had to put him in his kennel whenever we had company and of course all he would do is bark. Even though he was the sweetest puppy ever something had to change. In comes Overwatch K9 Academy and specifically Meagan.

From the first time I spoke to the owner, Joey, I felt at ease with the entire process. Then came the visit at our home to meet Asher with Joey, his wife Paige and Asher's soon to be new friend Meagan. They spent an hour or so with us talking and seeing who and what this Asher guy was all about. After that Asher was off to spend two weeks with Meagan.

Meagan sent us daily updates via group text the entire time Asher was gone. She also sent video messages of what they were working on almost daily. Looking back, the two weeks were long and we missed Asher but would NOT do it differently if making this choice over again. The day Asher came home Meagan pulled into the driveway, got out and gave us the run through briefly while Asher was in the car. What really stood out to us was she went to my 17 year old first and addressed him as the lead the entire time. She knew that this was his dog and he paid for the training and that made him feel important. After the run down Asher got out of the car and Meagan proceeded to work one on one with our son and the rest of us, including our youngest son, going over commands, hand signals, walking, etc. She spent about two hours with us and then scheduled a return to check in for about a month later.

As I sit here outside, out front and drinking coffee writing this review 3 weeks since Asher has been back home, my man is off leash laying down at my feet enjoying the fresh morning air and sounds. This would not have been possible without Meagan and Overwatch. Asher still has all the energy of an 11 month old Aussie puppy but it is now harnessed into wanting to please us. He loves to play ball and go for walks still of course, but now he gets so excited because everything is off leash and he feels the freedom to be him and then please his owners. I simply would not recommend any other group to train my dog. In fact they have made me rethink getting another dog after Asher and my son escape the coup in the future.

Overwatch K9 Academy and Meagan the “dog whisperer” get 10 out of 5 stars from the Keeton Family!!!!

5 / 5

Ken Keeton, Asher the Australian Shepherd

My wife and I rescued a 1 year old Belgian Malinois we named Addie. I've done some training with her and she is super smart, loving and full of energy. I really struggled with teaching her door manners, pulling my wife down while on a leash and distractions in public ie walking / stores, ect... she is very social and loves to say Hi to everyone by jumping on them. This was important to us because my wife has some medical issues and I'm in the military. When I'm away at various training events or schools I need to trust that Addie can accompany my wife in public and that she can manage her on a leash and mind her manners.

We read reviews online and coupled with the lifetime training warranty, decided on Overwatch K9 academy. I reached out and one of the owners Joey called me within 24 hours. He answered my questions about himself, his experience and his company, he asked questions about what we were looking for and our expectations. I decided to arrange a no obligation meet and greet with our assigned trainer. After meeting Jessica we were sold, we loved how Addie reacted to her, the way she answered all our questions and learned an added bonus that the dogs they train live at the trainer's home.

On the pickup day Jessica showed up on time and answered a number of other questions we had and made sure we were completely comfortable before she left. The two weeks were hard missing our baby but we received nightly YouTube videos showing the culminating training activities for the day. One day we even got a picture mixed in with her getting some end of day snuggles on the couch. Jessica was very responsive with text message details, and would even chat for a little bit.

The day we got Addie back she spent some time with us prior to bringing Addie in, gave us an overview of how she did, what she learned about Addie's personality, motivators, behavior and taught us about training aides, continued reinforcement and what to expect. She spent probably 3 more hours with us working with Addie and training us to be better dog parents. It's now the third night we've had her back and we gave her the ultimate test by taking her on a weekend 2 night road trip. I can say that her personality hasn't changed, she is still just as sweet and loving as before. There is a 100% improvement in her behavior though. She is no longer pulling the leash, walking through a busy hotel did not phase her. No jumping on people, not even kids (kids are her crack, she loves to play with kids). We definitely need to continue to do our part and work on training reinforcement, but this program was definitely worth the investment.

Jessica is an awesome trainer and an awesome person, we have an open line to her anytime we need. I'm happy to answer any prospective client's questions about these guys.

5 / 5

Chris Gatny, Addie the Malinois

Overwatch K-9 Academy. Well worth the price, though not cheap on the face of it.

I certainly rate the academy, and especially the trainer, Jessica, 5 stars for the overall value and efficacy of the training. Let me provide a summary of my experience.

In two weeks residential program Jessica not only had him perfectly trained, stopped his habit of jumping onto counters and tables to investigate smells and watch me in the kitchen, she also had him sitting, staying and walking comfortably beside me. The YouTube videos of his behavior before and after will show a transformed puppy. The key to the behavior modification was the careful and studied use of the eCollar and her understanding of dog anatomy and psychology. With long years of experience training dogs and horses, Jessica turned out to be the best choice and I feel lucky to have stumbled on her. Her training of me and explaining how to ensure reinforcement of the learning was invaluable. Her offer of continuing support and refresher training as needed, customization for the puppy and the owners needs, is a great component. For example, knowing that we were to return to South Dakota and living on the river, Jessica had several field trips to the lakes around and practiced with Duck decoys in water.

Jessica is a very positive individual, and can transform even tough and stubborn dogs into delightful, easy to live with pets. She kept me updated about the progress daily through videos, and her system of progression of tasks and diligent reinforcement works. I now take long walks with Saathi in even crowded places and while his attention may wander briefly - still an extremely curious and intelligent oversized puppy - he is easy enough to control and refocus. I recommend Jessica and the Overwatch K-9 Academy without any reservation.

One way of making the expense palatable is to think of it as an advance payment for a lifetime of canine companionship, love and freedom from worry or risk to the owner or others. I would happily engage Jessica and the Academy to train my dogs, and I’m confident to recommend them to anyone with a demanding, difficult puppy. Peace ☮️.

5 / 5

Dr. Ramakrishnan (Dr Ram), Saathi the Labrador Retriever

Words cannot describe! Maegan has changed our lives!!! Our Bentley is almost five years old, and though soooo loved, this year we were cursing him more than loving him.

For months, he had been barking both inside and outside, not coming when called, jumping on my old parents, begging and whining, no amount of love was ever enough, pulling on the leash, kicking up bark all over our yard, and even jumping on our TABLE to help himself to our toddler’s dinner!

Not anymore! Maegan transformed him in less than three weeks. We went on vacation and came home to obedient, loving, dog. I'm still in awe.

Maegan granted all our wishes! No more jumping, no barking, table manners, heeling when walking on leash, she even took him hiking and trained him to be off leash in the woods and took him to her family’s farm to acclimate him to farm animals (my father-in law has a few horses and before Bentley kept barking at them and almost got stomped!). Our neighbor’s dog has been a constant irritation to Bentley. Bentley would go ballistic, barking and tearing up the yard by the fence. But now, when Bo comes out barking, I just say, “Leave It” and Bentley turns and walks away. Unbelievable.

I cannot express how impressed I am with this company! The videos I got from Meagan of his training and progress were so professional. She checked in all the time, so I never had to worry about our baby. She took so much time with us to learn about our home life and train us when she returned Bentley back to us. The fact that the training is guaranteed for the life of the dog is AMAZING! I've already texted her with a question and she immediately responded.

Seriously, she has changed our life. The house is so much quieter and calmer and with five kids, we need all the peace we can get!

Don't think, just hire them! You won't regret it!

5 / 5

Stephanie Keating Lubin, Bentley the Mini Australian Shepherd

Overwatch K9 Academy is a fantastic choice for training your pup! It’s very clear this team loves dogs and has incredible knowledge/experience. We went with the Advanced 2 week boarding program for our 6 month, GSD Boxer mix and it was an amazing experience. We are very happy and impressed with how much our dog has learned and how much more confident she is. Our dog did not have a lot of negative behaviors but she did lack discipline with listening to commands, recall and focusing. Amanda was our trainer and was extremely helpful and informative with our concerns and questions; she even helped change our pups diet to better her health! She was also very flexible with the meet & greet, pick-up/drop-off times which was a good stress reliever for our busy retail management work schedules. Amanda also made it very clear that she will always be available and open for any questions/problems that may arise in the future no matter how far out-WOW! We got daily videos and pictures of our girl while she was away and watched along with all her progress the whole time. She took great care of her and took our concerns seriously. More over, she coached us on how to handle her behaviors and what they mean and what our actions mean to her which boost our communication with her. Overall great experience, loved the program, totally recommend for any dog owner!! Definitely worth the money. It will last for years/decades to come; save for many future head-aches of trying to manage a misbehaving pup! Thank you Overwatch k9 Academy and THANK YOU AMANDA!!!

5 / 5

Cass Criss, Indy the Boxer GSD Mix

Amanda is a wonderful trainer. If I could give her 10 stars I would. I was nervous to send our sweet (yet rambunctious puppy) off for what felt like such a long period of time but Amanda stayed in constant communication with us. It made me feel so much better that we could see her and take part in watching her growth. When Amanda brought our puppy home, she spent several hours training us on her commands and how to continue the work. I am so glad that our sweet goofy puppy did not lose an ounce of personality, but instead came home with an understanding of rules and manners. Seeing our puppy give our older dog space and having Amanda there to reassure us in the moment was so helpful to set us on a path towards happiness and success for both of our pups!

You could see by the way our puppy reacted to and interacted with Amanda that Amanda truly loved her while she was with her. It meant everything to me to see that adoration from our puppy towards Amanda and know that she had been so well taken care of and loved while away at training camp. I can’t say enough great things about Amanda or the Overwatch community. I know we made the right choice by choosing Overwatch and could not be more thankful that Amanda was our trainer.

5 / 5

Neu Blume

Best training ever for all your training needs. OverWatch K9 and Josh will bring out the best in you and your dogs. Very knowledgeable and professional. They make training not only educational but lots of fun. Highly recommend! My dogs love Josh!

5 / 5

Lorraine Whitehead

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Yes! Distraction training is a large focus in our board and train, visiting parks, stores, and Atlanta’s landmarks for real world distraction training. 

Yes, we do offer financing through Affirm. It allows you to start training immediately, and pay later, through monthly payments. Contact us if you would like to proceed with Affirm.

Yes it is! We take $400 off of your second dog's board and train, and every dog after that.

Yes it is! The holiday’s are a high demand season for us, we recommend making your reservations for your dog’s board and train in advance.

There is no maximum age, but we do have a minimum age of 5 months for the Advanced Obedience Board and Train. For younger puppies we offer a Puppy Pre-K9 Board and Train, starting at 12 weeks of age. 

Yes, our clients frequently schedule their dog’s board and train to overlap with their travel. If you are traveling internationally we can use WhatsApp to continue to communicate.

The board and train is 2 weeks long. If your dog could benefit from more time to focus on a specific behavior, we will ask to keep them for a few more days at no additional cost. Our board and train is not a cookie cutter program.

Your dog will live with their trainer in their private home. Overnight your dog will sleep in a crate.
No, we don’t require them to be spayed or neutered. Your dog will practice their obedience around other dogs in controlled settings, there will be no dog park setting - no running around loose together. 

Your dog will not return home fully potty trained. During the board and train we will implement structure, break down to you what schedule sets your dog up for success, and how to build off of it to achieve full potty training. 

We provide our board and train services to Atlanta, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, East Cobb, Alpharetta, Canton, Marietta, Smyrna, Douglasville, Kennesaw, Cartersville, Duluth, Lawrenceville, McDonough, and all other cities in the Atlanta metro area.

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Professional Dog Trainers

When you join the OverWatch K9 Family you get a team of dedicated professionals, passionately engaged in their profession. Our dog trainers are certified and trained beyond obedience techniques, diving into the behavior and instincts of your dog.

OverWatch K9's Trainers are the top dog trainers in the industry. We utilize dog training techniques used by military, police, movie dogs, and exotic animal training.

Training Dogs In Drive

We train dogs in drive, putting them into an elevated state of motivation. Our dog training methods harnesses their natural instincts, making the dogs eager to repeatedly demonstrate their obedience skills.

At OverWatch K9 Academy we believe that obedience training should be fun! To the dog, work is play, while we are creating reliable behaviors.

Enjoyable Walks

No more leash tangles or pulling! After having your dog trained, enjoy your walks with your dog! We teach both a formal heel next to you, and a free walk without a particular position and no pulling!

Off Leash Recall

Imagine letting your dog stretch their legs, wind blowing through their fur, getting their pent up energy out! Let your dog be a dog thanks to their reliable recall to come when called! This life-saving command is a key focus for every dog ​​that attends our dog training programs.

Home Harmony

Say goodbye to chaos! Our dog training techniques will help your pup become the CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) of a happy and harmonious household. Dog training can be a fun benefit for the whole family! 

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